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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hi there, it's Ella!

And if you're something like me, you are an absolute victim of buying notebooks, collecting them, but you never really use them.
So I collected some ideas on how to finally start using those and want to share those with you.

Don't know what to do with these yet... The left ones were Study Books once, only a few pages filled.


Really basic. Make daily, weekly or monthly entries, write whenever you feel like or sit down by schedule. For getting things down, self reflection and clearing your mind.

Morning Pages
The concept says to sit down in the morning, let your thoughts flow and write three pages straight.
Check out this website for more information.

Reading Diary
As being a bookblogger, I had to put this in, though I don't do it myself. You could either write shorter or longer reviews and basic thoughts on every book you read or just for special ones. You could even just write a list of the books you read and if you want to, stars for rating, to track your reading over several years.

Travel Diary
Include packing lists, tickets, bills etc and write short reports on everyday of your journey. You might add photos and overall conclusions.

Dream Journal
Write down what you remember from last nights dream on an everyday basis or only when you feel like it. Might be fun, enlightening or a source of inspiration for creative work.

Gratitude Journal
Write down three things (or less or more) everyday that you are grateful for. Works also for things that made you happy.

(random) To Do Lists

List Journal
Not just random lists, but lists on movies you want to sea, destinations you want to visit, etc.
A bunge of ideas here and here.

Bullet Journal


Photo album

Vocab Book

Study Book
Write summaries of your subject matter, mind maps, definitions, etc.

Collection of Poems and Quotes
Poems might be your own. Try to illustrate them.

Inspiration Book
Could also hold Poems and Quotes, but also pictures from magazines, the Internet or self-taken. Whatever inspires you, you know.

Idea Book
Blogpost ideas, book ideas, all sort of projects, ...

Questions on yourself
I got a little booklet with 1000 Questions for myself I want to start answering in a notebook soon.
You will find some on the Internet, for example those by Lavendaire.

Notes on specific topics
For example Podcasts, helpful videos, from (non-fiction) books,...
Whatever you want to learn more of.

Notebooks in use or planned:

  1. Questions on myself
  2. Random sketchbook for scribbles (I have a proper one)
  3. Current Notebook (IV) *
  4. A leporello I want to use as a Photo album. Still have to decide on what photos I want to put in there.
  5. This will be my next Notebook (V)
  6. Planning a book idea in this one
* I have a "Notebook" for several years now. It's a mixture of a lot of things.
To do lists, diary entries, sketches, lists, quotes, ... just everything. I tried bullet journaling for half a year and it was fine, but when I found a nice planner, I stopped. Maybe I will start again.
I planned on buying a Leuchttum1917 again, but I got way too much notebooks right now, so I will use one of those instead.

Of course, you can always combine the different ways of using a notebook into one.
Do you have more ideas?
What do you use your notebooks for?

See you soon,

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