How to build a TBR // Ella

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hit there, it's Ella.

Since I finished my tbr some weeks ago, it was finally time to get some new reads.

I was super proud to and happy I finally did it and I had absolutely no problem with my now new task: Grabbin' some books.

First, I ordered the American Hardcover of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Yes, I have to admit that at one point, this was a cover buy, but I also heard that this book is really well written, so hey, I got to got it.

Ready Player One was on my radar ever since, however, I never bought it- Until now. The concept sounded super exciting (and having it already read by now: yes, it was.)

I am a fan of the Lockwood & Co. series for some years by now and I am always in need to read that book when a new one is anounced. This is the fourth one, German edition, The Creeping Shadow in English. Though they are middle grade reads, I highly recommend them, I enjoyed every single one of them, including this one, it's already read.

I don't exactly know why I picked Thre Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, but I recently read Red Queen plus I somehow guessed it must be good because I saw one post on it on EpicReads. Don't know. I am in the mood for this I think.

We Are Okay was a cover buy but turned out as an awesome read. Did a review  on this one.

Given to the Sea was the book I got in the Aprils Fairyloot.

And last but not least: Glass Sword. I adored Red Queen, so there was no way not getting this one.

So, my upcoming monthly tbrs will feature these books (or at least those one I heven't read yet, which are three in numbers) plus some planned rereads. I did a post on those too.

I will see you soon in my monthly wrap-up and monthly overall post.



  1. I've not read all of this *hides in shame*, but all of them are in my tbr! I've heard nothing but good praise about The Hate U Give, so I probably will read that one soon. And We Are Okay sounds great too. Hope you enjoy the rest of it that you haven't read, Ella!

    Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

    1. Thank you! I just finished Given to the Sea, but it was such a disappointment :(