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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hi there, it's Ella!
Today I am here with a little review, just a short one, but there will be more posts coming up up next week. I am sorry I didn't manage to post more than once a week, I hope I will be able to improve.
Let me talk about We Are Okay by Nina Lacour. (Goodreads)
I actually bought this book because of the cover and luckily, I ended up liking it very much.

The story tells of Marin, who is spending winter break alone at the dorms of her university, waiting for her best friend Mabel to come. Mabel, who she hasn't talked to, like she hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. 
She never revealed what happened after her Grandfather, whom she lived with, died. What happened after she ran away. What happened in all those months since then, how she still felt the pull of the life and tragedy she’s tried to outrun. How everything she felt was loneliness.

      "I could say the night felt magical, but that would be embellishment. 
      That would be romanticization.
      What it actually felt like was life."

This is one of those books which are about the atmosphere, the feeling rather than the plot.
Marin doesn't just tell you how she feels, Nina LaCour makes you feel it.
Of course, there was a story, but is was a slowly told.
And I liked how it was going slow on revealing the truth, just the way Marin revealed the truth to Mabel.
I liked how their relationship was portrayed.
How homo- /bisexuality was just a normal and natural part of the story, but not a main part.
I liked how poetic it was. Not over the top, intended but not just wanted and placed.
This book just gave me a certain feeling. 
We are okay was heartbreaking in the best way possible. I loved it. 
I loved how it made me suffer aside with Marin and how it healed both of us in the end.

Thought it had only 234 pages, it took me a few days (mainly because I wasn't reading this much), but I really enjoyed taking myself time for it.

Did you read "We Are Okay"? 
What did you thought?

Until next week, 

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