A Book Written on My Heart // Ella

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hi there, it's Ella!

Today, I want to talk about a wonderful, wonderful book I read during my trip to the sea.
It was "Written on my Heart" by Morgan Callan Rogers.

It is the sequel to "Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea", which I read some years ago, so I didn't fully remember the plot when picking up this one.
But I wouldn't say it is necessary to read the first book, you get into the second one very well without.


The photos show my German edition (which is so beautiful *-*)
Here you can see the English cover.

It tells the story of Florine, who marries her childhood friend Bud on  The Point, the Maine fishing village where they grew up. The stories goes on, telling about them building themselves a life together and raising a family, while Florine is still struggling with the memories of the loss of her mother, who vanished when she was twelve. 
But suddenly, clues begin to surface, raising new hope to finally solve the mystery of  her mothers fate.

This was one of the books, I never wished to end.
Though, yes, this book is build around a certain plot, I features a lot of scenes, which are only there to show the life of the family. For me, this was the main point: Telling the story of two young people, getting married, building a family and going through certain struggles.
Florine, who can't let go of her mother,  Bud, who has to work and care for a family, while asking himself, whether there could be more in life.
At this point, the book shows how they cope with their problems and that there is no black and white in a relationship. Florine and Bud really love another but still are struggling. They're not 100% happy and they're not 100% unhappy.
Also, Florine loves her children, more than anything, but still, she sometimes struggles being a mother.

Solving the mystery around Florine mother comes up again and again throughout the book, but it's not the main point, as I said. The book is not about solving the case and following this line straight.
That's what I really liked. It doesn't show the process of getting behind what happened, but how the people involved in this live.

The characters we're awesome, relatable and lovable. The thing I loved the most about them, especially Florine, since she is the main character - they were so real to me.

So, if you love stories build around people and their way of living, family drama and individual love stories (aka what happens after the happy end - this is what the German blurb says, btw)  rather than straight plot lines, go with this wonderful book.

I recommend reading "Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea" too, which tells the story of Florines childhood and how she copes with the vanishing of her mother. Not because it's required to read the sequel, but because it's a wonderful story too.

Bye then, 


  1. Absolutely love the German cover and your photos of it are BEAUTIFUL. Sounds like a fascinating series.

  2. Those photos are really beautiful :)