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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hi there, it's Ella!
So, we're already into February, but I guess it's not to late to write about my January, including my favourites and thoughts.


January was such a joyful month! 
I made a big change in how I am thinking. I appreciated the little things. Sunshine, fresh air, being glad I got the earlier train or tram. Instead of complaining about the cold I was happy to be cuddled up in my warm winter jacket. At the end of the day, I did not think about how much more I intended to do for university but being content with what I did.
I smiled more, I was calm and I kept my stuff tidy and organised.

I did not started doing more sport and I did not went to the library several times a week. My eating wasn't as healthy as I wished.
But I was really, really happy. Not the "happy-I-would-sing-and-dance-and-jump-around", but the silently-smiling-happy, grateful for small, wonderful, everyday life moments, holding on to it and carrying it through the whole day.

some favorites and my wrap-up

My favourites:

  1.  The Gratitude Diaries - Oh, this book really changed my way of thinking. I am much happier since I read it, but I don't want to say to much, because there will be a Post about this book coming up on Friday.
  2. My wonderful black H&M knitted pullover. I bought it, because I quite often feel like wearing black, to bad I did not have any black tops before. But now I have and I love it.
  3. Matcha! I really enjoyed the matcha Belgian chocolate my family got me and the matcha tea I bought for myself. I especially liked it, because it wasn't loose but tea bags.
  4. Viridi - a wonderful app, where you can care for your own pot of succulents. I am not that good at caring for real plants (unfortunately), but I enjoyed the wonderful colours and music in this app, as well as watching my babies growing each day ^^
  5. Skam - it's a norwegian young adult TV series which I am just obsessed with. The characters are wonderful and I highly appreciate it being just like real life.
  6. I went to an Indian restaurant with a really good friend. It was such a nice evening and the food was so good! I had chicken-banana curry <3

Looking forward:

In February, I am doing my semester finals, which will be a lot of stress, but January showed me, that I am able to handle it.
Also, I am looking forward to a lot of things afterwards: Time to relax and read, tidying my room, visiting my family and starting to work on my cosplay for the Leipziger book fair at the end of march.

And last but not least: Yesterday I started doing ballet after 1,5 years. And that just made me really, really happy.

I hope you will have a great month!

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