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Saturday, 25 February 2017

In the past months I noticed a change in my way of thinking. 

I started to reflect on the things and actions that take up most of my time. 
And it also made me realize that there're some pretty amazing things that make my life special and are worth the time and energy I spent on them.

I came to the conclusion that my phone or technical devices in general don't deserve a spot on my 
‚things that are important for my happiness‘-list.

I decided I wanted to try and have a ‚digital detox‘. 
I wanted to spend my time reading instead of wasting it by constantly checking my phone.

An app that really helps me with achieving that goal is ‚Moment‘.

At first, I was pretty shocked how much time I actually spend on my phone. I would say my phone use is quite normal for a 20 year old. I mainly use my phone to text people. How could that result in 4 hours of me actually using my phone?!

I became more and more aware of how much of my precious time I waste. And Moment also helped me analyzing my habits. By the amount of time I spend on my phone I can tell what I was doing that day. At the moment I'm working during the week, so I barely have time to be on my phone. The same goes for the days I spend with my dear ones. 

The app is pretty simple and the way it works self-explanatory. But other than simply tracking your phone use you can also a set a screen-free time, your daily limit or ask your phone to remind you to put it away.

If you buy the pro version you get your own 'coach' and participate in a 'phone bootcamp'. Sounds hilarious, I know. Nonetheless, I dropped 50 minutes from my daily phone use and saved proximately 12 hours during my 14 day bootcamp. On day one you have to put your phone down for 30 minutes but there're also way harder tasks like putting your phone to bed early or going a full day without it.

All in all, Moment is a fun way to limit your phone use and it definitely helped me realize how much time I waste away.

Have a wonderful day! 
And try putting your phone down from time to time so that you have time to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

Love, Lena 

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