Thoughts on Collateral Beauty

Friday, 27 January 2017

I’m usually not that interested in movies. I mean, I love watching a movie from time to time but I’m never informed what comes out next and which actor is super good.

I love reading. That’s because I’m usually only excited for a movie if it’s a book to movie adaptation.
In this case I haven't even read the book the movie was based on (shame on me, I know...)
But I read all of Anna Todd’s books and I follow her on wattpad. You probably wonder why I’m telling you this.
Anna Todd wrote her own ‚Dear Love’ letter and that’s when I first heard about ‚Collateral Beauty‘. And then I forgot about it again because like I said I’m not a movie person.
But last week my friend surprised me and invited me to the movies and I got to see this beautiful movie.

I guess I don't have to tell you what ‚Collateral Beauty‘ is about. But if you’ve never heard of it, I’m trying my best here. Although, I have to admit its pretty hard to put everything into words.

So the movie is about a guy named Howard who has to deal with a real tragedy that leaves him in deep depressions. He starts writing letters to Love, Death and Time, who then, suddenly visit him.

I know. Sounds kind of crazy. And I do have to admit that the movie in some way is weird. But it’s a beautiful weirdness.
‚Collateral Beauty‘ is a sad movie and I had to hold back tears most of the time. But I also cried some happy tears, because it made me realize that there is so much in life to love and be content about. I am thankful and happy that ‚Collateral Beauty‘ let me feel all those beautiful things at once.

Again, I’m not a movie expert at all and I don't know to properly judge this piece of art. But what counts for me is that the movie I’m watching makes me feel something and that it touches my heart. That's exactly what happened with ‚Collateral Beauty‘. And that’s why I’m telling you:

Go see that movie. Or at least think about Love, Death and Time. 

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